Eucalyptus Pine Reed Diffuser

Fresh eucalyptus top notes combined with a deep herbal pine, this scent gives us all the best evergreen vibes. Shines in the winter but could also become your new year round spa favorite.

$ 40.00

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About Diffusers

Our Original Reed Diffusers are larger than most, a glass bottle filled with approximately 8 ounces of liquid.

Each Diffuser will lasts 5-6 months (!!) and comes packaged in an opaque black box with 8 reeds.

How does it work?

Our Reed Diffusers are a great way to scent your home without the flame. Reed Diffusers are made from a carrier liquid combined with our signature fragrance oils which are drawn up through the rattan reeds and diffused into the air as the carrier liquid evaporates.

Tips From The Maker

To start a new diffuser, insert reeds into the liquid where they will begin to absorb and diffuse the fragrance. Flip the reeds after the first 24 hours, then again every week or two for the life of the Diffuser.

For a small space you may not want to use all the reeds provided, or use them all for maximum fragrance throw in a larger space. Flip your reeds whenever you feel the fragrance diminish.

Over time the diffuser base liquid will evaporate and the remaining oil will look very thick and viscous, the bottle will never be completely empty. You will know the diffuser is done when you no longer smell the fragrance from a distance and the remaining liquid in the bottle is very thick and discolored, there could be up to an inch of liquid remaining.


Our diffusers are a combination of:

1. low-to-no VOC carrier liquid;

2. our signature non-toxic and phthalate free fragrance oils which are a blend of essential oils and other perfume grade fragrances in skin safe base oil (read more about fragrance oils here);

3. responsibly harvested rattan reeds.

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