Fresh + Unique Fragrances:

interesting combinations, simple notes, inspired by nature.

Fall + Holiday picks

Smoky and spicy with deep wood undertones, you'll feel like you’re snuggled up after a long day, watching the fire die.

The cozy and comforting feel of wintertime. Mild citrus top notes with an earthy undertone.

Subtle vanilla paired down with smoky undertones. No sweet-smelling vanilla here.

Sweet fig and melon balanced with notes of jasmine and rosewood.

All time Favorites

Fresh sea salt mingled with sage and bergamot. Woodsy yet clean.

A refreshing blend of citrus, herbs and geranium. 

Clean and soothing lavender with hints of jasmine and white tea. Bright yet calming.

Fresh and spa-like with notes of cedar, lavender, vetiver and ylang ylang.

Subtle hints of cedar, sandalwood (santal), smoke, and cardamom. Slightly sweet and undeniably seductive. 

SPring + Summer vibes

A fresh and happy scent with notes of citrus, apple, bergamot and greens.

Experience refreshing and nostalgic notes of tomato vine, lemongrass, seasonal herbs + moss in this fresh summer scent. Like walking through a lush green garden.

Essence of a fresh bouquet made from our favorites peony, rose and jasmine.

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Cactus Flower Reed Diffuser
$ 40.00