A candle hand poured with love is the best way to celebrate your next special occasion. Customize Noted Candles as a unique way to invite your bridal party to join you on your wedding day, thank your clients, or give as shower favors. 

They will love this thoughtful gift and that you took the time to make it your own.

Option 1: custom message

You choose the vessel (Original 8oz Glass Jar, Double 16oz Glass Jar or 6oz Gold Tin), fragrance, font and paper color. We'll customize the paper on the inside of our lids with a message or image of your choice. This is the perfect option for shower favors, bridal party invitations, corporate gifting or logo placement on a special handmade product. 

10 or fewer Candles

  1. Customization Fee of $20 per order plus $1 per Candle
  2. Standard Retail Price Per Candle
  3. Free Shipping or In Studio Pick up

More than 10 Candles

  1. Customization Fee of $20 per order plus $1 per Candle
  2. Significantly Discounted Price Per Candle
  3. $20 Flat Rate Shipping or Free In Studio Pick up

Option 2: Fully customized

Looking for something even more special? Our candles can be customized in a number of ways to meet your needs. 

Special paper, images, fabric, labels, and more. Fill in the form below and let us know what you envision. 

We will provide a quote based on the materials and labor needed to make it come to life. 

tell us what you're looking for we'll make it happen




What type of customizations are you interested in?

When do you need the candles?


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