Build-Your-Own Candle

 (formerly known as the "Refill" program)

This is a true opportunity for you to Build-Your-Own Candle! You find the vessel, customize it with the wick and fragrance of your choice, then bring it to us and we will create your dream candle! This program is only for non-Noted vessels only. Use a vintage tumbler glass from a flea market, an old wine bottle with the top cut off, a unique vessel that came from another candle brand...or anything really. Get creative!

Choose your favorite fragrance, type of wick, and enter the size of your vessel to determine the price. Get your vessels to us in Allston, drop it off or you will need to cover the cost to ship it here, and we'll give it new life (choose your return option at checkout: pickup or free return shipping). It's as easy as that. 

Not sure what size it is? Fill the container with water and then measure the fluid volume with a measuring cup for a good estimate. Please provide your container to us clean from any debris of former candle junk.

Once your order is confirmed, please bring or ship your vessels to our Allston HQ. Please call or check google for our current open hours. Not local to Boston? We can still help, but you will need to cover the cost of shipping to get your vessel to us. All return shipping is free!

$ 25.00

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