Support Women in the Workplace & Everywhere Else Too

Support Women in the Workplace & Everywhere Else Too

As a team of all women, we place great value on eliminating gender discrimination and stigma in the workplace. This week on IGTV, we're talking about the added pressures of being a mother during a global pandemic, and the implications for women who have had to exit the workforce.
We've gathered some resources for educational purposes. We urge you to utilize them to learn how you can support women and non-men in the workplace and everywhere!

"In a year marked by crisis and uncertainty, corporate America is at a crossroads. The choices companies make today will have consequences on gender equality for decades to come.” 

More resources:

Women Back to Work – Helping women return to the workforce.

Reachire – Helping companies develop return to work programs.

Fairy God Boss 

The Mom Project



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Written by Sarah Hope
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