Get To Know: Cactus Flower

Get To Know: Cactus Flower

Noted Candles Cactus Flower Fragrance 100% Soy Wax

Get To Know Cactus Flower

Let's escape to the desert! Cactus flower is one of our favorite summer scents - instantly transporting you to a desert oasis.

"Close your eyes to find yourself wandering the vast landscape of the American Southwest, where desert wildflowers bloom from evergreen succulents."

Notes of fresh citrus and sweet agave gently waft in the breeze, transporting you to a beautiful desert landscape surrounded by blooming desert jasmine.

Take a digital road trip with us! We've curated a lime and agave infused menu, and a playlist perfect for a summer getaway to the desert.


Noted Candles | Agave Menu Inspired By Cactus Flower Scent


Imagine we are driving through the vast desert landscape of the American Southwest, and stop at a pristine desert oasis to enjoy some agave-infused treats. Here are a few recipes we'd be sipping and snacking on while taking in the breathtaking scenery!

Agave Cilantro Shrimp Skewers

Soaked in a delicious agave cilantro marinade, these grilled shrimp skewers are perfect to beat the desert heat. 

Recipe by Cookin with Mima

Mango Agave Sorbet

Refreshing mango agave sorbet - a dessert inspired by the desert. The tequila gives this sweet treat a little zing that puts a twist on classic sorbet!

Recipe by Cooking Light

Agave Margarita

One of our favorite margarita recipes, sweetened to perfection with fresh agave nectar as the secret ingredient! 

Recipe by A Couple Cooks


Noted Candles | Cactus Flower Inspired Playlist For Desert Roadtrip


Imagine long stretches of dry, flat road in front of you. You've got your best sunnies on, the wind in your hair and you're ready for some laid back vibes for cruisin'. Press play and keep on drivin'. 




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