Fireside Embers Reed Diffuser

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Mini: 4 ounces | 10-12 weeks
Original: 8 ounces | 4-5 months

Smoky and spicy with deep wood undertones, you'll feel like you’re snuggled up after a long day, watching the fire die.

How does it work?
Our diffusers are made with VOC-free carrier oil, phthalate-free, quality grade perfume, and responsibly harvested rattan reeds. Once the reeds are inserted into the bottle, the mixture is carried up the reeds, thanks to the carrier oil, and just the perfume oil is diffused into the air. Voilà!

Tips from the maker: For new diffuser, dip the reeds in the mixture, flip, and insert to ensure first-time coating. Flip reeds every week or so to maintain consistent scent flow. Diffuser will be at the end of its life when perfume is no longer airborne – carrier oil will not completely evaporate.

Handcrafted in small batches in Boston, MA.

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