We believe the air we breathe should be clean. Burning a candle for a some ambience shouldn't pose a risk to your health. It should only bring good vibes and great smells. We make sure our customers know that our candles are clean burning and non-toxic, but we rarely talk about WHY that is so important. 

It can be hard to find quality fragrant products that are made with your health in mind. There are so many things that happen to turn raw ingredients into a candle suitable for your coffee table, and many manufacturers prioritize profit over quality. At Noted, it is our mission to provide you with candles and diffusers that are simply beautiful, safe for you, and smell amazing. 

So how exactly do our products reflect these values? To fully grasp the importance of clean and safe ingredients, you have to know how the science behind the candles. In the simplest terms, a candle is made from a combination of wax and fragrance, the wick makes it all work. When you light a candle the wax melts to fuel the flame and as it burns the fragrance oil is diffused into the air. To make a candle you need to choose your ingredients and there are SO many options. 

A lot of candle companies (one rhymes with bankee yandle) use paraffin wax, because it's cheap and very easy to work with but it’s gross for many reasons. Paraffin is man-made from petroleum, a by-product of crude oil, and is sometimes hidden in soy candles because of its ability to stabilize the final product. When burned, it releases toxic chemicals, like toluene and benzene which are known carcinogens, meaning they have the ability to cause cancer. Paraffin byproducts also leave a hazardous residue on surfaces in your home which is unsightly and can even cause your smoke detectors to malfunction. We do not endorse the use of carcinogenic products to make candles, because we prioritize safety over profit. For our own health and the health of our mother earth, we use 100% soy wax. No blends, no paraffins, just soy.

It’s not just wax that is important, however. Fragrance oils and diffuser bases can also release chemicals known as VOCs, which are “volatile organic compounds” that can be harmful to indoor air quality. In both our candles and diffusers, we use fragrance oils that are non-toxic, and VOC-compliant meaning that we only use products that meet all safety standards required by California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) which is the highest standard for VOC safety in the United States. They're also "perfume grade" meaning they are safe to use in products made for direct application to skin, but we'll tell you more about fragrance oils in another blog post, coming soon!

We carefully select the ingredients we use in our products, because we believe that home is your safe place and we want to help you keep it that way. As always, if you have any questions about the safety of our products, please shoot us an email at hello@notedcandles.com.